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The Phil Hardin Foundation in February 2016 adopted a new set of strategic objectives and now seeks primarily to:

  • Help make the Meridian/Lauderdale County educational infrastructure at every level, including after-school programs and enrichment opportunities, a statewide model.
  • Support and initiate efforts at the state level to improve student achievement in Mississippi public schools through enhanced literacy, teacher quality, early learning, at-risk intervention and accelerated learning.
  • Be a catalyst for the exchange of ideas, the sharing of best practices and the building of consensus on education policy in Mississippi.

We will build partnerships with educational institutions and agencies, nonprofits, community organizations, other foundations, businesses and policymakers in carrying out these strategic objectives, and we encourage similar collaboration by our grant recipients.

Grant proposals will be evaluated on their adherence to the strategic objectives listed above and are expected to include supportive data and measurable outcomes by which their effectiveness ultimately can be judged.