Christine Wilson, curator

All Shook Up:
Mississippi Roots of American Popular Music

Christine Wilson, introduction

Mississippi Department of Archives and History (Jackson)
Hardback (1995), 120 pp.
ISBN 0-938896-65-2



This book was the companion to a 1990 exhibit of the same name, held at the State Historical Museum in Jackson, Miss. It looks at the Mississippi roots of blues, country, gospel, urban blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and jazz. All Shook Up reproduces many record covers, musical artifacts and black and white photographs of musicians.

In the forward, curator Christine Wilson writes: "The earliest and finest blues musicians came out of Mississippi. Eric Clapton summed that up when he called Muddy Waters 'my father.' And most people know that Elvis, called by some the greatest single influence on popular culture in the twentieth century, was born and bred in Mississippi.

"What is not generally recognized is the phenomenal influence of Mississippi artists in other genres of popular music . . .

""Music that emerged from Mississippi has shaped the development of popular music of the country and the world. Major innovations created new music in every form--gospel, blues, country, rock and roll, rhythm and blue, and jazz. Mississippi's music was the product of the mixing of two traditions--black and white--with scales, rhythms, idioms, techniques, tonalities, and repertoires intermingling for over a century to produce new music that was so rich and compelling it inspired strong new directions for the development of American popular music." "

(Adapted from the book jacket)