Frances H. Kennedy, ed. and principal contributor

The Civil War Battlefield Guide:
The Conservation Fund

Second Edition, completed revised with new maps;
Patrick F. Noonan, fwd.

Houghton Mifflin Co. (Boston and New York)
Hardback (1998), 495 pp.
ISBN 0-395-74012-6


The battlefields of the Civil War are among the most evocative places in the American landscape. As Patrick F. Noonan writes in his forward to The Civil War Battlefield Guide, "Today you can stand at....Antietam, and visualize the waves of infantry, feel the urgency, capture for a moment the meaning of how that day changed our nation's history. The land is there as it was, and for a few minutes you are part of that terrible day, part of history."

The Civil War Battlefield Guide is an essential reference for anyone interested in the Civil War. This second edition brings that history to life in words and maps. It covers not only the famous battlefields in the National Park System but all of those designated as principal battles by the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission, 384 in all.

Distinguished historians, including James M. McPherson, Stephen W. Sears, Edwin Bearss, and Gary W. Gallagher, have contributed essays, and Frances H. Kennedy has written summaries of more than three hundred battles.

Eighty-three new full-color battlefield maps illustrate the topography as well as the movements of armies. The maps include both present-day landmarks and details of the battle action, enabling readers to orient themselves easily and to visualize the battles as they unfolded. Additional essays offer insights into significant aspects of the war, including map making, African Americans and the Civil War, and military staff rides on the battlefields.

(Adapted from the book jacket)