Maude Schuyler Clay

Delta Land (photographs)

Lewis Nordon, introduction
afterword by Maude Schuyler Clay
Author and Artist Series

University of Mississippi Press (Jackson)
ISBN: 1-57806-177 (cloth)


"The visual stories I have tried to express in this book are an homage to all of the people in the Delta, named and unnamed," writes photographer Maude Schuyler Clay. "I wanted to record the structures--what's left of them--and the land itself and to present both in a comprehensive photographic form."

"Delta Land is a photographic project which involves the recording and preservation of the Mississippi Delta landscape and its rapidly disappearing indigenous structures: mule barns, field churches, cotton gins, commissaries, crossroads stores, tenant houses, cypress sheds, and railroad stations," writes Clay.

In an introductory essay that populates Clay's almost peopleless settings, the acclaimed fiction writer Lewis Nordan tells how these photographs evoke his Delta boyhood. Like Clay's images, Nordan's memories are in black-and-white, "the color of grief and all its metaphors."

"Maude Schuyler Clay's vision of the Delta is generous, honest, and true," writes Ken Burns. "Her beautiful book is filled with remarkable moments of recognitions that remind us of the magical world that lies just behind our ordinary sight."

(Adapted from the book jacket)