Mississippi Forum on Children and Families
Deepest Spring in the Heart:
Kids Count Mississippi, 1995 Data Book
Volume 2

Mississippi Forum on Children and Families (Jackson)
Paperback (1994), 38 pp.

Organized by the theme of neighborhoods, The 1995 KIDS COUNT Mississippi Data Book provides county-specific trend data on eleven indicators for Mississippi's children.

The indicators used as similar to those measured in the 1994 Data Book. Because the poverty data from the 1990 Census has not changed (since the first volume), a new measure--the percentage of county population receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children--has been added.

Data in this volume show that more than one of every six Mississippi children are growing g up in severely distressed neighborhoods. Sixty percent--76,383--of these children live in poverty. . . . Severely distressed neighborhoods exist in both urban and rural areas of the state.

The volume includes statistical data, graphs, sources, narrative and excerpts from and photographs of Mississippi writers. It also includes a list of suggestions for improving the condition for children called "What Neighborhoods and Communities Can Do."

(adapted from the opening narrative)