Mississippi Forum on Children and Families
Deepest Spring in the Heart:
Kids Count Mississippi, 1996 Data Book
Volume 3

Mississippi Forum on Children and Families (Jackson)
Paperback (1994), 38 pp.

This book continues the annual compilation of key indicators for children in Mississippi. It adds additional trend data related to nutrition, and organizes nutrition data in separate tables for easy reference.

The 1996 data shows one of every three Mississippi children is hungry, and that poor nutrition affects school success.The emphasis in this volume is on the location of and causes of hunger and undernourishment of Mississippi's children. There is also a segment on nutrition and cognitive development.

The volume includes statistical data, graphs, sources, narrative and excerpts from and photographs of Mississippi musicians. It also includes a list of suggestions for improving the condition for children called "What You Can Do to Reduce Childhood Hunger and Undernutrition."

(adapted from the opening narrative)