Dorothy Abbott, ed.
Mississippi Writers:
Reflections of Childhood and Youth

Volume III: Poetry
Rosellen Brown, introduction

University Press of Mississippi(Jackson)
Hardback (1988); Paperback (1988); 423 pp.
ISBN 0-87805-231-3 (hardback: Vol.1)
ISBN 0-87805-232-1 (paperback: Vol.1)


In this third volume of series Mississippi Writers: Reflections of Childhood and Youth, editor Dorothy Abbot has brought together poems by more than 100 writers.

Arranged alphabetically by poet, the works range from familiar names, often noted for their writings and work in other genre, such as Eudora Welty, William Faulkner, Richard Wright, Tennessee Williams, Sinclair O. Lewis, Hodding Carter, Ellen Gilchrist, William Ferris and to less readily recognized names. Several selections from poets Margaret Walker and Angela Jackson are included. The anthology covers a wide range of time, including many contemporary poets.

In her introduction, Rosellen Brown writes:

"Mississippi poets are in love with their paradoxical land, and they have a double sense of what the world-at-large thinks of that love: that it is perverse, because Mississippi's bloody history has kept it half-unreal in the headlines, exaggeratedly evil; and because they believe themselves, that is is exotic, extreme, blessed, cursed. Many have had to leave home to be able to see it and speak without vendetta or confusion . . . But even after they have left, home remains a subject that fills the eye, whose voices engage the ear, whose contradictions pique the conscience."