Dorothy Abbott, ed.
Mississippi Writers:
Reflections of Childhood and Youth

Vol. IV: Drama
Jerry W. Ward, Jr., fwd.

University Press of Mississippi
(Jackson and London)
Hardback(1991); Paperback(1991); 606 pp.
ISBN 0-87805-232-1 v.1 (paperback)
ISBN 0-87805-231-1 v.2 (hardback)

For this anthology of dramas written by Mississippi authors, Dorothy Abbott has selected nineteen works both by eminent and by emerging dramatists, by fiction writers who have crossed over, by Pulitzer Prize winners, by writers for the Roadway state, and by those whose dramas have been performed for regional theatre and television.

She has included entire plays, excerpts, dramatic monologues, playlets for solo shows, and dramatic adaptations of fiction with works by Tennessee Williams, Shelby Foote, Beth Henley, Stark Young, and many others. The selections give a rich cross section of plays that illuminate Mississippi playwrights of great range and subjects that reflect the diverse culture of Mississippi.

All playwrights included here reflect the enriching experience emerging from childhood and join writers experience emerging from childhood and join writers from the three other volumes in this series to document the works of Mississippi writers in the genres of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and that are the focus of the respective four volumes.

(Adapted from the book jacket)